First dice roll to play this game … 🎲

So I have decided to play CandyBook Land … that you @elainehowlin … for finding or creating this!

First dice roll was a 2 … which lands me on Purple … book needs a character in a position of power … book choice is … Bad Night Stand by Elise Faber …

Look for review to follow this post … I will add it to the comments!


2 thoughts on “First dice roll to play this game … 🎲”

  1. Book review of Bad Night Stand: Billionaire’s Club Book One by Elise Faber

    This was well written with enough snark and drama … heat and emotion to cover whatever your romance book tastes are.

    You fall for Abby at first with her snark and self deprecating personality and learn about her brilliance and depth of emotion. Jordan is not hard to adore … he is like Thor come to life and he is a real man … in that he wants a woman with curves & personality!

    He gets both of those things in Abby. In Jordan she gets the acceptance and respect she has craved since childhood. This book shows money doesn’t equal happiness as they were both raised by billionaires and both had messed up childhoods. Those messed up childhoods almost doomed them be for they even started.

    Give it a go if you like smart, emotional stories that have a HEA!

  2. Next die roll was an 8 … which put me #10 & Blue … Chose Blood Moon by T.G. Ayer … police involved in the story … pretty sure there is a war brewing & there is some blue on the cover. I will post a review as a separate post!

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